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Australia-Japan Research Center (AJRC) 2002f
J.G. Crawford Building, Ellery Crescent, The Australian National University Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 0200, Australia
tel:61-2 6215 3780 fax:61-2 6215 0767

Organizational Status: University-affiliated institute, founded in 1980.

General Description: JRC is an eminent research unit engaged in producing economic and public policy research and publications on the Australia-Japan relationship and on Japan's wider role in the Asia-Pacific region. The center aims to foster expertise in economic, political and social issues central to the Australia-Japan relationship, to foster public discourse, and to disseminate topical research findings. It houses the Australian Committee of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (AUSPECC), Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC) and APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) secretariats and maintains close ties with Australian government departments and agencies, the Japanese Embassy and Japanese ministries and agencies

Annual Budget: USD 640,000 (2001)

(As of December, 2002)

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