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Bahrain Center for Studies and Research (BCSR) 2005f
PO Box 496 Manama , Bahrain
tel:973-17 754757 fax:973-17 754010

Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 1981.

General Description: BCSR's mission is to serve the Bahraini community by conducting applied research, particularly of a contractual nature, and to offer consultancy services to leaders and decision-makers in both the public and private sectors. BCSR's goals are to (1) establish the importance of applied scientific research as a means of supporting decision-making in various spheres; (2) create a cadre of Bahraini researchers in areas of national importance and develop links between BCSR and external researchers; (3) measure and analyze economic and social developments and public opinion pertinent to national issues; and (4) adopt a proactive stance with regard to the major issues facing the Bahraini community and put these issues forward for discussion, analysis, and the proposal of appropriate solutions.

Annual Budget:

Staff: 89 (38 research, 51 administrative/support)

Executive Officers:
Dr. ALGHATAM, Mohamed J.K. (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)
Dr. AL-SADIQ, Abdulla Mohammed (Acting Secretary General)

Public Relations:
Mr. AL-JAR, Ahmed Abdul-Aziz (Director of Administrative Services)

(As of September, 2006)

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