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Future Brazil Institute (IFB) 2005f
Rua Jeronimo da Veiga, 45-13 o andar San Paulo SP 04536-000, Brazil
tel:55-11 3168 9560 fax:55-11 3168 0273

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 2000.

General Description: IFB's mission is to promote socio-economic research on Brazil and make such data available to all who can contribute to the country's economic and social development. The institute's activities include commissioning and publishing studies related to the analysis of public policies and offering recommendations in this area. The requirements for these studies are that they are (1) formulated in accessible terms; (2) based upon solid theoretical and empirical research; and (3) made (electronically) available to the general public. Other activities cover primary data collection and analysis in order to explicate Brazil's socio-economic situation; maintenance of an Internet website, with free access to papers, proposals, and references, serving to promote public dissemination and discussion; and interaction with academic and research centers to increase the awareness of and discussions on issues important to Brazil's economy and development.

Annual Budget: USD 140 thousand (2003)

Staff: 2 (1 research, 1 administrative/support), 19 visiting, 1 intern

Executive Officers:
Dr. HADDAD, Claudio (President)

Public Relations:
Prof. STUKART, Gregorio (Superintendent)

(As of November, 2004)

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