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Center for Economic Development (CED) 2005f
Balsha 1 Street, Block 9 Sofia 1408, Bulgaria
tel:359-2 953 42 04 fax:359-2 953 36 44

Organizational Status: NGO, founded in 1997.

General Description: CED's goals are (1) to contribute actively to Bulgaria's economic development and achievement of sustainable growth; (2) to play a key role in formulating economic policy options and to promote public debate on major economic issues; and (3) to foster cooperation between the public, private and NGO sectors and educational institutions in addressing economic problems. CED achieves its goals through economic research, analysis, and elaboration of current economic legislation. CED develops economic policy options, advocates appropriate implementation of policies, and promotes the sharing of ideas and information among experts. CED increases public awareness through the dissemination of findings, organizing workshops, conferences, and other public events. CED also works proactively in shaping Bulgaria's reforms and the achievement of a well-functioning market economy by focusing its activities in priority areas, including competitiveness and economic growth, territorial development, social policy, public finance and fiscal policy, high-tech development, infrastructure, energy and transport, enterprise policy, anticorruption activities, Bulgaria's EU accession, reliable economic information, and CED's Internet portals.

Annual Budget: USD 430 thousand (2003)

Staff: 25 (15 research, 10 administrative/support)

Executive Officers:
Mr. BOSHKOV, Alexander Dimov (Co-Chair)
Dr. PROHASKY, George Marev (Co-Chair)
Dr. PROHASKA, Maria Slaveva (Director for Development)
Mr. NIKOLOV, Ivaylo Alexandrov (Program Director)

Public Relations:
Ms. SPASSOVA, Violetta Atanassova (International Relations)
Ms. DJELEPOVA, Blenika Emilova (PR)
Ms. PETROVA, Daniela Yordanova (Librarian)

(As of November, 2004)

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