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Center for Strategic Studies-21st Century Foundation 2002f
12 Vitisha blvd, 4 fl. Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
tel:359-2 9816130 fax:359-2 9888143

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1990.

General Description: The basic goals of the foundation are to assist Bulgaria's democratic socio-economic development; to work for Bulgaria's integration in the EU; to achieve a higher intellectual and scientific potential in governing the country; to analyze major economic and political tendencies in Bulgaria's development and in global world development; to facilitate international economic, political and cultural cooperation; to stimulate foreign investment and scientific exchange; to support the adoption of strategic governmental decisions; to mastermind projects on the future development of the country; to promote Bulgaria's interests in the international intellectual community; to uphold Bulgaria's cause in United Europe; to work for the integration of minorities in Bulgaria; to assist regional cooperation and good neighbor relations in the Balkans; and to work for the defense of socially deprived groups in society.

Annual Budget: DEM 75,000 (2000)

(As of December, 2002)

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