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Club "Economika 2000" 2005f
74 "Stara Planina" St., Sofia 1527, Bulgaria
tel: 359-2 944 5027/74 fax: 359-2 944 5081

Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 1990.

General Description: Club "Economika 2000" is a nongovernmental, high-tech consultancy, research, and training organization. Its activities are dedicated to the economic development and prosperity of the Bulgarian nation and transition economies, including real economy restructuring, regional development, environmental protection management, social policy, and public administration reforms. It carries out socio-economic research, provides consultation, organizes and manages training programs, and creates opportunities for debate and the sharing of ideas towards the achievement of sustainable development. Club "Economika 2000" aims at assisting socio-economic and political reforms, which are directed toward achieving the sustainable development of the economy and democracy. For this purpose, it (1) implements theoretical and applied research in the socio-economic sphere; (2) compares research hypotheses and results with the actual situation; (3) publicizes its assessment of political concepts and activities; (4) builds bridges between politicians and modern economic ideas; and (5) promotes the sharing of expertise between different cultural communities concerning economic activities. Club "Economika 2000" focuses on the following priority sectors: SME; public finance; EU preaccession funds; water infrastructure; energy, industry; high technologies; public administration at the national, regional, and local levels; and NGOs.

Annual Budget: EUR 408.6 thousand (2004)

Staff: 18 (14 research, 4 administrative/support), 3 visiting

Executive Officers:
Dr. KEREMIDCHIEV, Spartak (President)
Mr. TAFRADJIYSKI, Borislav (Executive Director)
Dr. SHOPOV, Georgi (Vice President)
Dr. IVANOV, Stefan (Director of Center for Regional Studies)

(As of August 2006)

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