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Economic Policy Institute (EPI) 2005f
12 San Stefano Str., Sofia 1504, Bulgaria
tel:359-2 944 38 11/843 53 06 fax:359-2 944 38 61

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1997.

General Description: EPI mission is to encourage and support the implementation of free market experience and know-how that will influence Bulgaria's effective participation in the global economy and its membership in Euro-Atlantic structures. EPI has extensive experience in providing independent studies and analyses of key economic issues of the Bulgarian development. We have the expertise and capacity to deliver a comprehensive range of professional services, studies and provide alternative courses of action, recommendations and advice. EPI team involves economists, foreign affairs experts and legal experts with in-depth expertise in private sector development, SMEs, financial services sector, FDI, capital markets. EPI professionals are dedicated to providing keen understanding of development issues and trends. EPI has a wide network of national and international partners, and is experienced in managing projects, doing research and analysis, and providing comprehensive financial, economic, and strategic advice.

Annual Budget: USD 126 thousand (2003)

Staff: 6 (4 research, 2 administrative/support), 3 intern

Executive Officers:
Dr. PETKOVA, Ivanka (Chairperson and CEO)
Ms. MLADENOVA, Irena (Executive Director)

Public Relations:
Ms. SPASSOVA, Plamena (External Relations)

(As of January, 2006)

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