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Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) 2005f
600-250 Albert Street Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6M1, Canada
tel:1-613 567 7500 fax:1-613 567 7640

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1994.

General Description: CPRN's mission is to create knowledge and lead public debate on social and economic issues important to the well-being of Canadians. With the goal of helping to make Canada a more just, prosperous, and caring society, CPRN brings together governments, unions, corporations, NGOs, voluntary organizations, academics, and other think tanks to form a network of users and researchers for each of its research programs. CPRN provides a neutral space that frees all of these players to engage directly in the research process and benefit from "real time" knowledge transfer. CPRN currently operates four networks in the areas of family, health, public involvement, and work. Since CPRN opened its doors, thousands of people have participated in roundtables, workshops, dialogues, and advisory committee meetings. More than 100 departments and private organizations have funded the work, and hundreds of researchers from more than 20 universities have taken part in research projects using CPRN's networking to its full capabilities.

Annual Budget:

Staff: 27 (10 research, 7 administrative/support), 2 visiting

Executive Officers:
Dr. MANSON SINGER, Sharon (President)
Mr. MACKAY, Al (Vice President, Operations)

Public Relations:
Ms. FRY, Jennifer (Director, Public Affairs)

(As of August, 2006)

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