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Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS) 2005f
1075 Bay Street, Suite 401 Tronto, Ontario M5S 2B1, Canada
tel:1-416 325 5062 fax:1-416 325 7798

Organizational Status: Semi-governmental institute, founded in 2001.

General Description: ICCS's mission is to promote high levels of citizen satisfaction with public sector service delivery. ICCS achieves its mission by undertaking research to identify citizens' service needs and expectations and assisting the public sector in identifying and applying innovative, best practice service solutions that support quality service across all channels. The mandate of ICCS is to (1) serve as a center of expertise and a champion for citizen-centered service across service channels and throughout the public sector; (2) undertake research into citizens' expectations, satisfaction, and priorities for service improvement and be a repository of knowledge about attitudes towards public-sector service; (3) monitor the progress of the public sector in improving citizen satisfaction with public-sector service delivery and promote ways of recognizing excellence in citizen-centered service; (4) be the custodian of the Common Measurements Tool and electronic CMT in the public sector and provide a CMT data repository and benchmarking service for public-sector organizations; (5) be a center of expertise in E-government and electronic service delivery; and (6) become a center for the development of publications, training modules, and other management tools required by the public sector to promote the improvement of service delivery across the public sector.

Annual Budget: CAD 1 million (2004)

Staff: 3 (2 research, 1 administrative/support), 1 visiting, 2 intern

(As of November, 2004)

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