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Centre for Asian Pacific Studies (CAPS) 2005f
Lingnan University, Tuen Mun Hong Kong , China
tel:852-2616 7427 fax:852-2465 5786

Organizational Status: University-affiliated institute, founded in 1986.

General Description: CAPS draws its team of research fellows from various social science and related disciplines of Lingnan University. CAPS conducts research in Asian Pacific affairs with a multidisciplinary approach and acts as a clearinghouse of current information and a base for local and international scholars to share ideas and conduct research. The major objectives of CAPS are to (1) support and enhance the University's research productivity, especially in interdisciplinary studies relating to the Asian Pacific region; (2) address research issues of practical policy importance to government, industry, and the public; and (3) develop research and information-sharing networks with individual scholars and relevant institutions within and outside the Asian Pacific region.

Annual Budget: USD 8.9 thousand (2004)

Staff: 19 (18 research, 1 administrative/support), 3 honorary fellow

Executive Officers:
Prof. CHEN, Edward Kwan-yiu (Director)
Prof. BRIDGES, Brian John (Edward)

(As of November, 2004)

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