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Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) 2005f
No 225 Chaoyangmen Nei Dajie Beijing 100010, China
tel:86-10 6523 6066 fax:86-10 6523 6060

Organizational Status: Governmental institute, founded in 1981.

General Description: DRC is a comprehensive policy research and consulting institution operating directly under the State Council, the central government of the People's Republic of China. The seven main functions of the center are to (1) conduct follow-up and advanced studies of strategic and long-term issues concerning economic and social development, offer advice and proposals for mid- and long-term development plans and regional development policies, and participate in development programs; (2) study development trends in the national economy and analyze the macroeconomic situation in order to provide advice and proposals on the comprehensive application of macroeconomic policies; (3) examine industrial economic development and industrial policies and offer proposals concerning industrial structure, investment structure, enterprise organization structure, and ownership structure on technology selection, innovation, and the development of new technologies; (4) study new issues in China's opening-up process, foreign trade policy, and utilization of foreign investment and identify trends in world economic development; (5) analyze policies on human resource development, income distribution, and social security as well as the rational development and utilization of natural resources, ecological balance, and environmental protection; (6) conduct international cooperative research and exchanges with related international organizations and research institutions; and (7) undertake other missions as entrusted by the State Council.

Annual Budget:

Staff: 160 (120 research, 40 administrative/support)

Executive Officers:
Prof. WANG, Mengkui (President)
Mr. ZHANG, Yutai (Vice President)
Mr. LU, Zhiqiang (Vice President)
Dr. SUN, Xiaoyu (Vice President)
Mr. XIE, Fuzhan (Vice President)
Mr. LI, Jiange (Vice President)

Public Relations:
Ms. SUN, Lanlan (International Cooperation Department)
Mr. LAN, Weiban (Deputy Director General, International Cooperation Department)
Ms. JIANG, Xiheng (Deputy Division Director, International Cooperation Department)

(As of November, 2004)

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