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Danish National Institute of Social Research (SFI) 2005f
Herluf Trollesgade 11 Copenhagen DK-1052, Denmark
tel:45-33 48 0800 fax:45-33 48 0833

Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 1958.

General Description: SFI's objectives are to describe the social, working, economic, family, and other national and international social conditions and development trends that are significant to the population. SFI's task is to create new society-related knowledge within its field of work and to ensure that legislation and reporting are able to build on the latest research-based knowledge from both Danish and international social research.

Annual Budget: USD 12.5 million (2004)

Staff: 160 (57 research, 70 administrative/support), 4 visiting

Executive Officers:
Mr. SONDERGAARD, Jorgen (Director General)
Ms. LANGKILDE, Birgitte Frandsen (Deputy Director General)

(As of November, 2004)

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