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Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI) 2005f
Yliopistonkatu 58-60 A, 2nd floor University of Tampere 33014, Finland
tel:358-3 215 7696 fax:358-3 223 6620

Organizational Status: University-affiliated institute, founded in 1970.

General Description: TAPRI affiliated with the University of Tampere, specializes in peace and conflict studies and international politics. Its mandate is four-fold: research, publishing, expert advice, and international cooperation. Research programs focus on peaceful change, and projects cover European change and security, the Mediterranean region, and newly arising conflicts and their resolution. All research at TAPRI is open, and research results are published through a variety of media.

Annual Budget:

Staff: 7 (6 research, 1 administrative/support), 2 visiting, 0-2 intern, 4 postgraduate doctoral student

Executive Officers:
Dr. VAYRYNEN, Tarja (Research Director)
Mr. VESA, Unto Juhani (Executive Secretary)

Public Relations:
Mr. VESA, Unto Juhani (Executive Secretary)

(As of November, 2004)

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