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Center for International Prospective Studies (CEPII) 2005f
9 rue Georges Pitard, 75740 PARIS CEDEX, 15, France
tel:33-1 5368 5500 fax:33-1 5368 5504

Organizational Status: Semi-governmental institute, founded in 1978.

General Description: CEPII is a research institute on international economy. Its independence is guaranteed by the Board, which sets out the strategic guideline for the research. Chaired by Christian Stoffaes, Director at EDF, the Board comprises government officials, business personalities, trade unionists and academics. A Scientific Committee, chaired by Olivier J. Blanchard, Professor at the MIT, also validates the work of the centre and examines its research methods, the publication of the CEPII's findings, as well as its joint projects with other institutes. Administratively linked to the French Planning Agency, CEPII was created in 1978, and has a team of about fifty, including thirty economists. The CEPII's work, in international macroeconomics, trade, foreign direct investment or in the analysis of emerging and transition economies, very much stresses global interdependencies and their consequences for France and Europe. Partnerships with other French and foreign research institutes, along with major international organizations-especially within the EU-help ensure the center's international exposure and contribute to the active involvement of French research in international debates on economic policy. CEPII provides its expertise to public and private decision-makers as well as to social partners. It has regular contacts with major French and European government organizations responsible for economic policy, with other public institutions (parliamentary assemblies, the Banque de France, etc.), and with companies.

Annual Budget: EUR 3.5 million (2004)

Staff: 50 (35 research, 15 administrative/support), 9 visiting, 3 scientific adviser

Executive Officers:
Mr. STOFFAES, Christian (Chairman)
Mr. FONTAGNE, Lionel (Director)
Mrs. BENASSY-QUERE, Agnes (Deputy Director)
Mr. FOUQUIN, Michel (Deputy Director)

Public Relations:
Ms. ABIVEN, Frederique (Secretary General, Librarian)
Ms. BARTHOLIN, Chantal (Secretary General, CEPII Club)
Ms. HURION, Sylvie (Publications-Press)

(As of January, 2006)

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