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Trade Union Advisory Committee to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (TUAC-OECD) 2005f
26, Avenue de la Grande-Armee Paris 75017, France
tel:33-1 5537 3737 fax:33-1 4754 9828

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1948.

General Description: TUAC, founded as a trade union advisory committee in connection with the European recovery program (Marshall Plan), is an international, nongovernmental organization having a consultative status within the OECD. TUAC groups some 56 national central organizations of trade unions, representing 70 million workers in the 30 OECD member countries. Through regular consultations with various OECD bodies, TUAC coordinates and represents the views of trade unions to the governments of industrialized countries. It seeks to ensure that economic policies focusing on growth also aim at full employment and improved social welfare, safeguarding the interests of working people in the formulation of economic strategies.

Annual Budget: EUR 1.1 million

Staff: 9 (6 research, 3 administrative/support), 1 intern, 1 press assistant

Executive Officers:
Dr. EVANS, John Glyndwr (General Secretary)

Public Relations:
Dr. GASKELL, Pieter (General Secretary)

(As of November, 2004)

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