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Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA) 2002f
31A Josif Broz Tito Ave, POBox 19010 Accra-North , Ghana
tel:233-21 779364 fax:233-21 773670

Organizational Status: Independent Institute, founded in 1994.

General Description: CEPA is an independent think tank with a mission to secure public understanding of and participation in macroeconomic policy issues through research and the dissemination of information. Its main objectives have been: 1) to conduct independent analyses and research on economic policies of relevance to Ghana; 2) to promote understanding of economic issues among decision makers in the public and private sectors and among the civil society at large; 3) to contribute to informed public participation in the discussion of economic matters; and 4) to hold seminars, workshops and lectures on economic policy issues. The center is widely respected as a reliable, well-informed and independent source of opinion on the macroeconomy of Ghana

Annual Budget: USD 1 million (2000)

(As of December, 2002)

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