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Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) 2005f
University of Ghana, PO Box LG74 Legon , Ghana
tel:233-21 501182 fax:233-21 512504

Organizational Status: University-affiliated institute, founded in 1962.

General Description: ISSER is a semiautonomous research institution within the Faculty of Social Studies at the University of Ghana. ISSER is committed to carrying out research and training that promotes the socio-economic development of Ghana in particular and Africa in general. The institute strives to maintain its reputation for solid social science research, paying close attention to the exploratory, explanatory, and evaluative aspects of the dynamics of development. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring that ISSER's research has immediate bearing on the development problems and needs of Ghana and the rest of Africa; responding to the direct demands of government and other stakeholders for information and guidance in selecting priorities and strategies for improving the well-being of Ghanaians and Africans; and maintaining a focus on the academic purpose of the institute and its commitment to add to existing knowledge about society and development in Ghana and Africa.

Annual Budget: USD 0.7 million (2003)

Staff: 51 (21 research, 30 administrative/support)

Executive Officers:
Prof. ARYEETEY, Ernest (Director)

(As of November, 2004)

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