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Sharif ThinkTank (STT) 2005f
1st floor, Eastern 194 Street, Shaahed (Parvin) Square, TehranPasrs, PO Box 16535-514 Tehran , Iran
tel:98-21 770 1585/736 8410 fax:98-21 770 1585

Organizational Status: Profit-making, Independent NGO, founded in 2003.

General Description: STT has the strategic vision of becoming a pioneer national and world-class think tank that plays an essential role in national development and human life improvement around the world. Its mission consists of cooperation in national development through studies, research, consulting, and executive activities in various fields of cultural, social, economic, technological, industrial, and defense affairs in parallel with producing new thoughts and ideas for organizations, managers, policymakers, decision-makers, and all enthusiastic Iranians. Embodying the values of innovation and creativity, professionalism, high performance, global thinking, high quality, responsibility to national development and progress, reliability, and viability, STT work encompasses the proposal, planning for various organizations and corporations; consultation and intellectual collaboration with organizations and institutes; strategic planning and policy-making; cultural and social study and research; seminar and conference planning; technology management and planning; problem solving; and future studies.

Annual Budget: IRR 500 million (2004)

Staff: 14 (8 research, 6 administrative/support), 8 visiting, 4 intern

Executive Officers:
Mr. MIRZAAMINI, Mohammad Reza (President & CEO)
Mr. HABIBI, Mahmud (Executive Director)

Public Relations:
Mrs. AHMADVAND, Neda (Public Relation Director)

(As of November, 2004)

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