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Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (JCSS) 2005f
Ramat Aviv Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
tel:972-3 640 9926 fax:972-3 642 2404

Organizational Status: University-affiliated institute, founded in 1977.

General Description: JCSS, affiliated with Tel Aviv University, aims to conduct basic research that meets the highest academic standards on matters related to Israel's national security and Middle Eastern regional and international security affairs. JCSS also aims to contribute to the public debate and governmental deliberation of issues that are of direct concern to Israel's national security agenda.

Annual Budget:

Staff: 40 (27 research, 10 administrative/support), 3 visiting

Executive Officers:
Dr. SHTAUBER, Zvi (Head of Center)
Dr. KAM, Ephraim (Deputy Head of Center)
Mr. GRUNDMAN, Moshe (Assistant Head of Center and Director of Publications)

(As of January, 2006)

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