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The Economic Research Institute, Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry (ERI-JSPMI) 2005f
Kikaishinko Building, 3-5-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
tel:81-3 3434 8251 fax:81-3 3434 3696

Organizational Status: Semi-governmental institute, founded in 1964.

General Description: ERI was established as a section of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry (JSPMI) with the aim of (1) conducting research for the machine industry (including industrial sectors, such as electrical and non-electrical machinery, transport equipment, and precision machinery); (2) undertaking joint and commissioned research for other organizations; and (3) undertaking administration of the Machine Industry Library. In April 1971, a special membership section of ERI was organized, and through this system the institute has been offering appropriate material and information to interested industries, enterprises, and public organizations in order to disseminate research results.

Annual Budget:

Staff: 18 (9 research, 9 administrative/support), 5 visiting, 3 staff

Executive Officers:
Mr. MIYATA, Mitsuru (Director)
Mr. SAKAMOTO, Yoshimi (Manager)
Mr. HATTORI, Yasutaka (Manager)
Mr. KITAJIMA, Mamoru (Manager)
Mr. MIYAMOTO, Kouichirou (Manager)

(As of November, 2004)

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