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Fujitsu Research Institute (FRI) 2005f
11th floor, New Pier Takeshiba South Tower, 1-16-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0022, Japan
tel:81-3 5401 8391 fax:81-3 5401 8395

Organizational Status: Profit-making, Independent institute, founded in 1986.

General Description: FRI was set up to conduct research in the software field of industry and technology and to advise clients on how to resolve problems through the strategic utilization of information and communication technology. In 1996, the vision of FRI was expanded to include a nonprofit research sector to focus on economic problems that affect society as a whole. FRI remains one of the few policy-oriented research centers based in the manufacturing industry and is dedicated to producing independently researched policy recommendations and making its publications freely available to the public while providing accurate and substantive consulting services to the government and to industry.

Annual Budget: USD 1.8 million (2004)

Staff: 205 (29 research, 23 administrative/support, 153 consultant), 3 visiting

Executive Officers:
Mr. TAKASHIMA, Akira (Chairman and Representative Director)
Mr. HASEGAWA, Nobuhisa (President)
Dr. SHIMADA, Haruo (Chairman)

Public Relations:
Mr. NAMBA, Shuntaro (External Relations Manager)

(As of November, 2004)

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