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Korea Labor Institute (KLI) 2005f
9th Floor, Korea Federation of Small Business Building, 16-2 Youido-dong, Yongdungpo-gu Seoul 150-740, South Korea
tel:82-2 782 0141 fax:82-2 782 0311

Organizational Status: Semi-governmental institute, founded in 1988.

General Description: KLI conducts policy-oriented research on a wide range of labor issues, including employment and wages, human resources development, industrial relations, and industrial health and safety. Contributing to improving industrial relations in South Korea, KLI played a pivotal role in introducing employment insurance in the early 1990s through its labor market and insurance-related research. Since the financial crisis in late 1997, KLI has contributed to formulating policies that combat soaring unemployment and promote workers' welfare. In March 2003, two of KLI's research centers were merged into the Labor Insurance Research Center, which provides integrated services concerning labor-related insurance schemes and thereby contributing to creating sustainable jobs and increasing business competitiveness. The overall mission of KLI is to (1) contribute to improving living standards by conducting humanistic research; (2) undertake scientific research based on neutrality and objectivity; (3) promote social dialogue and high-quality industrial relations throughout the nation; and (4) suggest labor and social policy directions for the 21st century.

Annual Budget: KRW 15,000 million (2004)

Staff: 93 (57 research, 36 administrative/support), 5 visiting, 11 contract-based employee

Executive Officers:
Dr. CHOI, Youngki (President)
Dr. YOO, Kil-sang (Vice President)
Dr. KEUM, Jae-ho (Director, Labor Insurance Research Center)
Dr. LEE, Changwon (Director, International Cooperation and Information Office)
Dr. JEONG, Jin-ho (Director, Labor Trend Analysis Office)

(As of November, 2004)

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