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Asian and Pacific Developing Centre (APDC) 2002f
PO Box 12224, Pesiaran Duta Kuala Lumpur 50770, Malaysia
tel:60-3 651 1088 fax:60-3 651 0316

Organizational Status: Inter-governmental institute, founded in 1980.

General Description: APDC is an autonomous, regional institution for development policy research, training, experience exchange, information dissemination and consulting/advisory services. It is conceived as an institution for advanced development studies, capable of providing intellectual leadership in the search for development strategies suited to the specific needs of the Asia-Pacific region. The purpose of the center is to assist governments of the region in the study, formulation, implementation, management and evaluation of development strategies and policies. It seeks to accomplish this in collaboration with governmental and nongovernmental research and training institutions and other institutions of public education in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere.

Annual Budget: USD 1,134,700 (2001)

(As of December, 2002)

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