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Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS) 2005f
PO Box 2254 Mandikhatar Kathmandu , Nepal
tel:977-1 437 8831/1006 fax:977-1 437 8809

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1990.

General Description: IIDS, registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1977, was established as the successor to Integrated Development Systems (IDS) which was founded in 1979. Its mission is to develop appropriate public policies and institutions for the socio-political and economic advancement of the country. It is devoted to professional research on issues of national importance. There are two wings of IIDS: general research and action research. While general research aims to conduct research in areas of immediate national concern, action research aims to alleviate the poverty and underdeveloped areas in society through local cooperation, self-help, and group endeavors. Another objective of action research is to learn from microlevel efforts so that they can be integrated into the broader national context. The IIDS Governing Council provides overall policy direction and guidance to IIDS and ensures its smooth functioning. The executive director implements the decisions of the Governing Council and is responsible for the day-to-day management of IIDS.

Annual Budget: USD 182 thousand (2002)

Staff: 41 (21 research, 20 administrative/support), 2 visiting, 6 consultant

Executive Officers:
Dr. DHUNGEL, Dwarika Nath (Executive Director)

Public Relations:
Mr. BISTA, Puranjan (Administrative Officer)
Ms. RANJIT, Silam (Documentation Officer)

(As of November, 2004)

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