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Netherlands Institute of International Relations "Clingendael" (Instituut Clingendael) 2005f
Clingendael 7 The Hague 2597 VH, The Netherlands
tel:31-70 324 5384 fax:31-70 328 2002

Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 1983.

General Description: The Institute's objective is to study developments regarding international politics and socio-economic issues by means of research, training, and public information in the broadest sense as well as to promote further debate on international relations. The Research Department's work focuses on four major themes: Dutch foreign and defense policy; European integration and cooperation; conflict and security issues; and the functioning of the multilateral system. The Institute provides courses on all major aspects of international relations, particularly in the fields of diplomacy, security, and European integration. The results of individual or collective research are published as articles in journals, as special Institute publications, or as commercially published books. The Institute collaborates on a systematic basis with seven European sister organizations, as well as with kindred institutes in Europe and the United States. The Institute also undertakes external research contracts and project research and has conducted studies at the request of governmental departments and the private sector.

Annual Budget:

Staff: 45 (33 research, 12 administrative/support), 5 visiting, 8 intern

Executive Officers:
Prof. Van STADEN, Alfred (Director)
Dr. MEERTS, Paul (Deputy Director)
Prof. ROOD, Jan (Head of Research)
Prof. MELISSEN, Jan (Head of Training)

Public Relations:
Mrs. GANS MA, Anna (PR Officer)

(As of November, 2004)

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