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Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD) 2002f
Avenida Del Parque Norte 829, San Isidro Lima 27, Peru
tel:51-1 476 2038 fax:51-1 224 9825

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1980.

General Description: ILD has found that in much of the Third World, the informal sector, excluded from the legal and economic mainstream, has spontaneously generated its own cultural variations of the institutions underpinning market economies and democratic systems. Indeed, institutions of participatory rule making, accountability and transparency, and recognition of private property are the norm in the informal sector and in many private organizations in the formal sector. Yet, in contrast to developed countries, these institutions are dispersed and legally unenforceable and have not supplanted the discriminatory, mercantilistic institutions that often prevail. The work of the ILD lies in demonstrating that when legislation and structural adjustment programs introducing democratic and market reforms are rooted in these informal institutions and advocated in the language of the local community, they obtain the widespread acceptance necessary to peacefully overcome resistance. The ILD aims to develop the strategies necessary for peaceful and purposeful transition to a market economy and to a stable democratic society. These strategies draw upon spontaneously created endogenous institutions and are informed by successful models from developed countries.

Annual Budget: USD 18 million (2001)

(As of December, 2002)

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