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Portuguese Institute for International Relations and Security (IPRIS) 2005f
Rua Ferreira Borges, 193, 1st floor-F Lisbon 1350-131, Portugal
tel:351-21 386 79 97 fax:351-21 386 79 97

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 2001.

General Description: IPRIS freely defines its activities and is not submitted to any administrative, political, or religious guidance. IPRIS produces ideas, opinions, theses, proposals, and recommendations aiming to foster political and academic thinking and contributes to the maturation of political, economic, and social decision-making. The objective of IPRIS is to focus on major issues in international relations, from security, multidisciplinary, and transnational perspectives. IPRIS aims at developing a comprehensive vision in order to anticipate international security threats and uncertainties, realized through conducting studies on Portuguese foreign policy and international politics, contributing to collective security, defending human rights, and promoting intercultural dialogue between people.

Annual Budget:

Staff: 5 (3 research, 1 administrative/support), 2 visiting, 1 intern

Executive Officers:
Prof. FREITAS Do AMARAL, Diogo (President)
Dr. DOMINGUES, Joao (Director)
Prof. PUREZA, Jose Manuel (President of the Scientific Board)

(As of November, 2004)

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