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EURISC Foundation-European Institute for Risk, Security and Communication Management 2005f
PO Box 2-101 Bucharest 2 , Romania
tel:40-21 312 0805 fax:40-21 223 3054

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1995.

General Description: EURISC Foundation was set up to study and promote issues related to risk, security, and communication. It seeks to promote dialogue, education, training, and research on major issues of national and international security, focusing on nonmilitary risks, security culture in relation to Romania's European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes (EU and NATO), and civil-military relations. In recent years, the foundation has focused on the following issues: global partnership for a sustainable security system; security standards; security rating; democratic control over the security sector and security sector reform; fighting terrorism, transborder organized crime, corruption; law enforcement in terms of national security; public-private partnership in security matters; private security, small arms and light weapons; risk and vulnerabilities, including those related to finance and assurance issues, critical infrastructures and good governance; science, technology; energy and security; the new geopolitical axis comprising the Caspian Sea-Black Sea-Mediterranean Sea; defense, foreign policy and diplomacy; national interest; global issues; and political issues related to information, communication management and public relations.

Annual Budget: USD 0.1 million

Staff: 16 (13 research, 3 administrative/support), 4 visiting

Executive Officers:
Prof. GHEORGHE, Adrian (Honorary President)
Dr. MURESAN, Liviu (Executive President)
Dr. PRUNARIU, Dumitru Dorin (Vice President)
Dr. BALTEANU, Dan (Vice President)

Public Relations:
Mr. ANCA, Radu Marius (Executive Director)
Ms. AVRAM, Ioana Sanda (PR Manager)

(As of November, 2004)

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