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Institute for World Economy (IEM) 2005f
Calea 13 Septembrie, Number 13, Sector 5 Bucharest, C.P. 42-13 050711, Romania
tel:40-21 410 6176/5570 fax:40-21 410 5020

Organizational Status: Academy-affiliated institute, founded in 1967.

General Description: IEM, established as a specialist body for foreign market research and studying the tendencies of the world economy, was subordinated to the Ministry of Foreign Trade in 1970. In 1990, IEM was brought under the jurisdiction of the Romanian Academy to support the process of the country's transition to a market economy and its integration into the global economy. Recent activities have focused on macroeconomic modeling, with particular emphasis on the Romanian economy in transition and offering policy formulation advice. As a result of Romania's permanent concerns regarding integration into the EU, in 2000 IEM established its European Studies and Affairs Centre-Internal Market and Competition. The main goal of this center is to support advanced adult education programs in the field of European affairs. IEM's activities in research, education, consultancy, and information dissemination play an important role in the process of Romania's integration into the EU.

Annual Budget: ROL 11,400 million (2002)

Staff: 78 (70 research, 8 administrative/support), 10 visiting

Executive Officers:
Prof. ISARESCU, Mugur (Director)
Dr. CAMPEANU, Virginia (Executive Director)
Prof. CIUPAGEA, Constantin (Deputy Director)
Mr. MUNTEANU, Gabriel (Scientific Secretary)

(As of November, 2004)

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