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Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) 2005f
99 St. Michaels Road Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
tel:94-12 431 368 fax:94-12 431 395

Organizational Status: Semi-governmental institute, founded in 1988.

General Description: IPS engages in socio-economic research and provides informed analysis to national planners and policymakers in Sri Lanka and the wider region. IPS's research programs have been restructured under specific research units working in selected priority areas with the intention of systematically strengthening the expertise of core research staff and building institutional capabilities in thematic areas. Each unit works within a clearly defined medium-term research agenda that ensures coherence and policy relevance to the overall direction of IPS's work. A trained team of researchers carries out the institute's research programs with support from external consultants and technical specialists, as necessary. In addition, a professorial fellowship has been introduced to attract international experts working on economic policy in Sri Lanka in order to provide additional guidance and leadership The core infrastructures of the institute-IT and databases, library services, training, publications, and so forth-are all being strengthened to ensure the high quality delivery of research findings. IPS also plans to offer logistical help and resources to host international conferences and serve as a working partner in workshops and seminars in the region.

Annual Budget: USD 625 thousand (2003)

Staff: 56 (28 research, 28 administrative/support), 4 visiting, 5 intern

Executive Officers:
Dr. KELEGAMA, Saman (Executive Director)

Public Relations:
Ms. TISSERA-GUNASEKERA, Manu (Information and Communication Officer)

(As of November, 2004)

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