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The World Economics Society (WES) 2005f
23 Lane 50, Tun-Hwa North Road Taipei 105, Taiwan
tel:886-2 8773 8878 fax:886-2 8773 4855

Organizational Status: Profit-making, Independent institute, founded in 1974.

General Description: WES specializes in applied economic research and general consultancy with more than 30 professional faculties in four major divisions: the Lim Institute for Public Policy Study (LIPPS), the Institute for Project Economics Study (IPES), the Global Development Institute (GDI), and the Industry and Business Institute (IBI). The society currently has more than a thousand members, including government agencies, business and industrial entities, institutions, universities, research groups, foundations, trade associations, socio-economic federations and NGOs. WES offers distinctive applied analyses, diagnoses, and operable resolution packs for many of the complex issues facing modern society.

Annual Budget: USD 8 million (2002)

Staff: 25 (18 research, 4 administrative/support), 2 visiting

Executive Officers:
Dr. LIM, Bert J. (Professor and President)
Dr. HSU, Paul S.C. (Chairman of the Board)

Public Relations:
Ms. WAN, Elina E. (Acting Director)

(As of November, 2004)

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