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National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) 2002f
118 Seri Thai Road, Klong Chan, Bangkapi Bangkok 10240, Thailand
tel:66-2 377 9660/ 7400 fax:66-2 375 8798

Organizational Status: Semi-governmental institute, founded in 1955.

General Description: NIDA is a service-oriented graduate institution that seeks to meet many of Thailand's, and the region's, critical needs in development administration. Recognizing the increasing interdependence of nations across the globe and responding to the priorities of Thailand's Plan for Higher Education, NIDA seeks to meet the new challenges of international cooperation, understanding and service. Through teaching, training, research and consulting, NIDA provides its students with knowledge and analytical ability they can apply at the community, national and international levels. The institute is the only university in the region that prepares men and women at the graduate level in public policy, planning, decision making and management in the public and private sectors. Its faculty, curriculum and a wide range of programs and services are enriched through exchange programs and a spectrum of national and international linkages.

Annual Budget: USD 4.9 million (2001)

(As of December, 2002)

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