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International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) 2005f
vul. Pymonenka 13a Kyiv UA-04050, Ukraine
tel:380-44 484 4400/4401 fax:380-44 484 4402

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1994.

General Description: ICPS aims to promote public policy concepts and practice and apply them to influential policy research that affects both the public and private sectors in the Ukraine. ICPS assists the government of Ukraine and the public at large in increasing their awareness of the need to analyze policy alternatives, research the possible implications of adopting or rejecting each policy alternative, and reconcile competitive interests. ICPS's objective is to establish procedures for substantive dialogue in the Ukraine between representatives of the legislative and executive arms of government and the public. ICPS utilizes its experience in compliance with the requirements for building an open society. ICPS is convinced that democracy is not a gift granted to some nations, but an instrument that can be learned. An important attribute of democracy is the acknowledged legitimacy of different social interests, which are ensured by a voice through free and fair elections, a political opposition, and freedom of the press. State policy in a democracy should promote the right of these voices to be heard. ICPS use the same instruments of public policy and "everyday democracy" that are widely applied throughout the world to help the Ukraine become a truly democratic country.

Annual Budget: USD 0.5 million (2003)

Staff: 45 (22 research, 23 administrative/support), 30 visiting, 1 intern

Executive Officers:
Dr. NANIVSKA, Vira (Director)

Public Relations:
Mr. SHULHA, Yevhen (Editor, ICPS Newsletter and Website)

(As of January, 2006)

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