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Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies (CRCE) 2002f
57 Tufton Street London SW1P3QL, United Kingdom
tel:44-207 233 1050 fax:44-207 222 4299

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1983.

General Description: CRCE carries out research into the problems of communist economies and those making the transition from communism to democracy and to market economies; much of the work relates to Central and Eastern Europe. The center is a registered charity (No 326640), supervised by a board of trustees and an advisory council, and receives no public funds. It organizes symposia, seminars and talks, encouraging discussion on individual countries and providing the opportunity to meet reformist economists and politicians involved in the transition process. CRCE publishes its research in books, occasional papers and briefings, and its findings have been featured in the media internationally. In the early 1990s, CRCE co-founded an economic research center in Moscow, the International Centre for Economic Transformation (ICRET), followed in 2000 by the Enterprise Institute of Ljubljana (Slovenia), which works throughout the Balkans.

Annual Budget:

(As of December, 2002)

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