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Democratic Dialogue (DD) 2005f
23 University Street Belfast, Northern Ireland BT7 1FY, United Kingdom
tel:44-289 022 0050 fax:44-289 022 0051

Organizational Status: Limited company, founded in 1995.

General Description: DD was established in the aftermath of the paramilitary ceasefires in Northern Ireland with a view to facilitating political accommodation between Protestants and Catholics in the region and addressing social and economic challenges neglected during the prior quarter-century of violence. DD's central vision is to (1) provide an independent inspiration for reflective thinking upon the critical issues confronting the people of Northern Ireland; (2) envision policy formation through publications and debates, engaging economic, social, and political entities, including individual citizens; and (3) respond sensitively and quickly to demands from any quarter to advance dialogue and/or policy development. DD's work focuses on six themes: improving intercommunal and interethnic relations; encouraging social inclusion and reducing inequality; democratic development and participation; developing a human rights and equality culture; fostering sustainable regional economic development; and developing wider interregional and international linkages.

Annual Budget: GBP 250 thousand (2004)

Staff: 4 (3 research, 1 administrative/support), 1 intern

Executive Officers:
Mr. WILSON, Robin (Director)

(As of November, 2004)

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