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The Fabian Society 2005f
11 Dartmouth Street London SW1H 9BN, United Kingdom
tel:44-20 7227 4900 fax:44-20 7976 7153

Organizational Status: Organization-affiliated institute, founded in 1884.

General Description: The Fabian Society is Britain's left of centre think tank and political society, committed to creating the political ideas and policy debated which can shape the future of progressive politics. With over 300 Fabian MPs, MEPs, Peers, MSPs and AMs, the Society plays an unparalleled role in linking the ability to influence policy debates at the highest level with vigorous grassroots debate among its growing membership of over 7000 people, 70 local branches meeting regularly throughout Britain and a vibrant Young Fabian section organizing its own activities. The Society is unique among think tanks in being a thriving, democratically-constituted membership organization, affiliated to the Labor Party but organizationally and editorially independent. For over 120 years Fabians have been central to every important renewal and revision of left-of-centre thinking. The Fabian commitment to open and participatory debate is as important today as ever before as it explores the ideas, politics and policies which will define the next generation of progressive politics in Britain, Europe and around the world.

Annual Budget:

Staff: 13 , 4 intern

Executive Officers:
Mr. KATWALA, Sunder (General Secretary)
Mr. BROOKS, Richard (Research Director)
Mr. KATWALA, Sunder (General Secretary)
Ms. WILLGRESS, Claire (Administrator)
Ms. MCGILLEN, Margaret (Finance Officer)
Ms. STOATE, Deborah (Local Societies Officer)

Public Relations:
Ms. HODGE, Jamie (Events Manager)
Ms. STUDDERT, Jessica (Events Manager)
Mr. WRIGHT, Giles (Membership Officer)

(As of November, 2004)

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