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The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (CCFR) 2002f
116 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60603, United States
tel:1-312 726 3860 fax:1-312 726 4491

Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 1922.

General Description: CCFR is one of the largest independent, nonprofit international affairs organizations in the United States, serving over 7,000 members and the community through diversified programming. It provides members, specialized groups and the general public with a forum for the consideration of significant international issues and their bearing on American foreign policy. In over 150 meetings annually, including lectures, seminars, conferences, publications and other activities, the council seeks to represent all sides of complex issues on the global agenda. Events feature major policy makers and other foreign experts from around the world, offering participants the opportunity to ask questions, voice their opinions and engage in candid discussions. The council's goal is to further awareness and broaden understanding of international relations and foreign policy as well as to promote Chicago's status as an important international center. In addition to remaining a leading Midwest platform for international leaders in foreign policy, CCFR strives to take the lead in gaining recognition for Chicago as an international business center for the corporate community and to broaden and deepen the council's role in the community

Annual Budget: USD 3.5 million (2000)

(As of December, 2002)

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