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Hudson Institute 2005f
1015 18th Street, NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20036, United States
tel:1-202 223 7770 fax:1-202 223 8537

Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 1961.

General Description: The Institute is a non-partisan policy research organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global security, prosperity, and freedom. The Institute challenges conventional thinking and helps manage strategic transitions to the future through interdisciplinary and collaborative studies concerning defense, international relations, economics, culture, science, technology, and the law. Based on a belief in free markets, individual responsibility, the power of technology, and a determination to preserve America's national security, the Institute seeks to inform, stimulate, and guide global leaders in the commercial, governmental, and nonprofit sectors through publications, conferences, and policy recommendations.

Annual Budget: USD 6.9 million (2003)

Staff: 45 (38 research, 7 administrative/support), 3 visiting, 43 adjunct fellow

Executive Officers:
Dr. LONDON, Herbert I. (President)
Dr. WEINSTEIN, Kenneth R. (Vice President and COO)
Ms. HOOPES, Deborah L. (Chief Financial Officer)
Mr. BORENS, Robert N. (Vice President for Strategic Planning and Development)

Public Relations:
Ms. BUTSCH, Jennifer A. (Director of Marketing Communications)

(As of November, 2004)

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