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The Nixon Center 2005f
1615 L Street, NW, Suite 1250 Washington, DC 20036, United States
tel:1-202 887 1000 fax:1-202 887 5222

Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 1994.

General Description: The Center, founded by former US President Richard Nixon shortly before his death, is a nonpartisan public policy institution committed to analyzing challenges to American foreign policy from a realist perspective. The Center has six main programs: Chinese studies, immigration and national security, international security and energy, national security studies, regional strategy (Middle East, Caspian Basin, and South Asia), and US-Russia relations. In addition to conducting research into contemporary foreign policy issues, Center program directors organize an array of conferences, briefings, seminars, lectures, and other events designed to advance US foreign policy debates on crucial political, economic, and security issues.

Annual Budget:

Executive Officers:
Mr. SIMES, Dimitri K. (President)
Mr. SAUNDERS, Paul J. (Executive Director)

(As of March, 2005)

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