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Resources for the Future (RFF) 2005f
1616 P Street, NW Washington, DC 20036-1400, United States
tel:1-202 328 5000 fax:1-202 939 3460

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1952.

General Description: RFF was founded by the Ford Foundation to meet an ongoing national need for impartial, independent research and policy analysis on issues related to natural resources and the environment. Over the years, RFF researchers have produced pioneering work on natural resource markets and scarcity, pollution damage and nonmarket valuation, the design of incentive-based policies, risk management, and sustainable development. RFF is nonpartisan and nonpolitical, and as many of the research staff are economists, there is a strong concern that public resources be spent wisely and that policy goals be achieved cost-effectively, with reliance on economic incentives where feasible. Researchers also have considerable interests in issues of fairness that arise from the distributional effects of policies and issues related to the functioning of the policy process itself.

Annual Budget: USD 10.9 million (2005)

Staff: 80 (40 research, 40 administrative/support), 3 visiting, 12 intern

Executive Officers:
Dr. SHARP, Phil (President)
Mr. HAND, Ted (Vice President Finance and Administration)
Ms. CREEDON, Lesli (Vice President External Affairs)

Public Relations:
Mr. WELLBORN, Stanley (Director of Communications)

(As of January, 2006)

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