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The Rockford Institute 2002f
928 North Main Street Rockford, IL 61003, United States
tel:1-815 964 5053 fax:1-815 964 9403

Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 1976.

General Description: The institute is a nonprofit band of scholars dedicated to the preservation and expansion of Western Christian culture through the scholarly defense and promotion of the cultural principles and personal virtues without which Christian civilization cannot survive. Its focus on the cultural institutions that comprise the whole of American life (the church, the family, education, literature, poetry and film) separates it from the countless public policy groups attempting in vain to reform a decaying society simply by passing legislation. It is run efficiently, with a small staff, a modest physical plant and a location far from the swollen rents and skyrocketing salaries of Washington and New York. The institute can fairly claim prescience and influence in American political and cultural life, and a proven track record in disseminating sophisticated ideas and arguments to both influential and popular audiences. Its chief activities include the publication of a monthly magazine, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. The institute also operates educational conferences throughout the world, an annual summer school, a Web site, an audiotape lecture series and a campus speakers bureau.

Annual Budget: USD 900,000 (2000)

(As of December, 2002)

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