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106 Castle Crest Road, Alamo California 94507, United States
tel:1-925-946-0180 fax:1-925-946-1987;

Organizational Status: A Public Policy and Population Development Organization founded in 1998.

General Description: DSA focuses on study and research in the following areas: 1.Demography of the low fertility nations in Western societies and the aging of their population. 2. The international migration crisis, 3. The significance of human rights, the rule of law and the respect of International Treaties for world peace, 4. the pivotal and universal problem of traffic safety which is especially detrimental to low fertility societies, and 5. The promotion of upward mobility through professional education in the sciences of young people and especially of women.

Staff: 11 (6 research, 5 administrative/support), 5 others.

Executive Officers:
Prof. GEOKAS, Michael Constantine (President)
PETRIS, Nickolas Constantine (Vice-President)
Prof. KATSETOS, Christos Demetrios (Vice-President)
Prof. COSTIS, Harry George (Treasurer)

Public Relations:
ALIFERIS, Alex Spilios (Corresponding Secretary)
KIDDER, Charles Edward (Recording Secretary)

(As of December, 2006)

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