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Real Instituto Elcano de Estudios Internacionales y Estrategicos (RIE)
Calle Principe de Vergara, 51 - Madrid 28006, Spain
tel:34-91 7816770 fax:34-91 4262157

Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 2001.

General Description: The Elcano Royal Institute is a private entity, independent of both the public administration and the companies which provide most of its funding. It was established, under the honorary presidency of HRH the Prince of Asturias, on 27 December 2001 for the purpose of conducting an exhaustive study of the interests of Spain and of Spanish people in international affairs and to place its findings before the public at large. From its inception the Elcano considers itself a non-partisan -but not neutral- institution that seeks to promote the values by which it was inspired and which, by means of multidisciplinary analysis of existing and, especially, forward developments, aims to establish a global strategy resulting in political proposals having a practical application.

Annual Budget: ESP 3.5 million (2006)

Staff: 37 (16 research, 15 administrative/support)

Executive Officers:
Mr. SUAREZ PERTIERRA, Gustavo (Chairman)
Mr. OYARZABAL, Antonio de (Vice Chairman)
Mr. RODRIGUEZ-IGLESIAS, Gil Carlos (Director)
Mr. POWELL, Charles (Deputy Director. Research and Analysis)

Public Relations:
Mrs. TENA, Pilar (Deputy Director. Institutional Relations)

(As of January, 2007)

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