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Policy Network
3rd Floor, 11 Tufton St, London SW1P 3QB, United Kingdom
tel:44- 20 7340 2200 fax:44- 20 7340 2211

Organizational Status: International Think Tank, founded in 2000.

General Description: Policy Network's objective is to develop and promote a progressive agenda based upon the ideas and experiences of social democratic modernisers. By working with politicians and thinkers across Europe and the world, Policy Network seeks to share the experiences of policy-makers and experts in different national contexts, find innovative solutions to common problems and provide quality research on a wider range of policy areas. Over recent years Policy Network has focused on areas such as the European Social Model, globalization, economic reform, migration and integration, the environment, progressive government and the future of social democracy.

Staff: 10 (4 research, 3 administrative/support)

Executive Officers:
Mr. DIAMOND, Patrick (Director)
Mr. CRAMME, Olaf (Head of Research)
Ms. VERBENNE-BRENNAN, Suzanne (Executive Assistant to the Director)
Ms. BULLEGAS, Anna (Office Manager)

Public Relations:
Ms. BURTON, Joanne (Events Manager)

(As of February, 2007)

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