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The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)
1250 Eye St., NW, Suite 200 Washington, DC 20005, United States
tel:1-202-449-1351 fax:1-202-638-4922

Organizational Status: non-profit Think tank, founded in 2006

General Description: ITIF is a non-partisan research and educational institute whose mission is to formulate and promote public policies to advance technological innovation and productivity internationally, in Washington and in the states. Recognizing the vital role of technology in ensuring American prosperity, ITIF focuses on innovation, productivity, and digital economy issues. ITIF publishes policy reports, holds forums and policy debates, advises elected officials and their staff, and is an active resource for the media. It develops new and creative policy proposals to advance innovation, analyzes existing policy issues through the lens of advancing innovation and productivity, and opposes policies that hinder digital transformation and innovation.

Annual Budget: US $ 600,000

Staff: 5 (4 research, 2 administrative / support), 1 intern

Executive Officers and Public Relations:
Dr. ATKINSON, Robert D. (President)

(As of July, 2007)

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