The main theme of the Roundtable was global governance and the timing was propitious as it was held soon after publication of the High-level Panel Report requested by UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, to consider threats and challenges facing the international system. Participants discussed sensitive issues such as proposals to reform and expand the UN Security Council, the 'responsibility to protect,' the changing nature of sovereignty and Asian and European experiences with integration. The Roundtable, held under Chatham House rules, brought together some twenty leading academics and policy analysts from Japan and Europe and provided a unique opportunity for the intellectual communities on both sides to discuss a range of sensitive political issues.

Japan-EU Think Tank Roundtable: Next Steps in Global Governance


January 13, Thursday, 2005
Opening Session

Opening Statements by Co-Organizers
Takafusa Shioya, President, National Institute for Research Advancement
Hans Martens, European Policy Centre

Introduction of the Roundtable Topic: What is Global Governance? By Co-convenors

Session 1 "Responding to the UN High-level Panel Report"

January 14, Friday, 2005

Session 2 "Building Blocs to Global Governance-Strengthening International Institutions (G8, WTO, IMF, World Bank, etc.)"

Session 3 "Regional Cooperation: Relevance of EU Model to East Asia?"

Concluding Session: Next Step

Public Forum

Policy Recommendation


Participants List

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