NIRA Research Output

2006 No. 0602 A Grand Design for Northeast Asia: 2005 --National Land Planning and Sectoral Development Strategies-- [Volume 2]
2004 Vol.17, No.2 Japan's Policy Making in Transition: Lessons from the American Legislative Experience
2004 Vol.17, No.1 Changing Policy Priorities in an Aging Society: Perspective in Common between Japan and the United States
2002 Vol.15, No.1 European Public Opinion and Economic and Monetary Union
2001 Vol.14, No.2 The Northeast Asia Trade, Investment and Technology Cooperation: Russian Perspective
2001 Vol.14, No.1 Current Economic and Political Situation in the Russian Far East--Some Non-Traditional Aspects of Global Security
2000 Vol.13, No.1 The Northeast Asia Energy and Environmental Cooperation: Russian Approach
1999 Vol.12, No.2 Research on "Universal Human Obligations"
1999 Vol.12, No.1 The New Independent States in Inner Asia and Turkey's Policy
1998 Vol.11, No.2 Russia and Northeast Asia: Economic and Security Interdependence (I)
1998 Vol.11, No.1 Energy, Security, and the Future of Northeast Asia
1996 Vol. 9, No.1 Micro Simulation Analysis of Aggregate Savings Behavior in Japan--Effects of Aging Population on Aggregate Savings and Design of Policies on Savings in Japan
1994 Vol .7, No.1 The History of U.S.-Japan Relations: Social Change and International Relations
1992 Vol. 5, No.4 Saving, Investment, and Rate of Return in the U.S. and Japan, and International Capital
1992 Vol. 5, No.3 Development of the Machinery and the Equipment for Information Industries in Thailand
1992 Vol. 5, No.2 Bringing Together Science and Society II: A Proposal for a Science Communication Plaza
1992 Vol. 5, No.1 The Political Economy of International Cooperation
1991 Vol. 4, No.1 Prospective International Capital Ownership Patterns Across the Pacific at the Turn of the Century
1990 Vol. 3, No.2 Bringing Together Science and Society: A Proposal for a Biohistory Research Hall
1990 Vol. 3, No.1 Structure of Trade and Industry in the US-Japan Economy: PHASE II--Integration with Project LINK and Simulation applications
1989 Vol. 2, No.2 Globalism and Asia-Pacific Dynamism
1989 Vol. 2, No.1 Savings Behavior, Investment and Rate of Return on Capital in the United States and Japan: Comparative Analysis and Perspectives into the 1990s
1988 Vol. 1, No.3 A Study of International Capital Flows and Foreign Exchange Rate Movements
1988 Vol. 1, No.2 Views of 100 Wise Men around the World on "Comprehensive Study of Microelectronics 1985"
1988 Vol. 1, No.1 Agenda for Japan in the 1990s

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