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Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS) 2005f
No 1, Lane 845, Julu Road Shanghai 200040, China
tel:86-21 5403 1148 fax:86-21 5403 0272

Organizational Status: Governmental institute, founded in 1960.

General Description: SIIS is dedicated to advancing China's knowledge of international affairs, improving its foreign policy-making, and facilitating Shanghai's opening-up and modernization. SIIS is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary research institute that includes seven departments covering national and regional studies and five issue-related research centers. SIIS's main objectives are to (1) promote interdisciplinary research on contemporary international politics, economics, and security as well as China's external relations from academic and policy-oriented perspectives; (2) provide consultancy on international affairs to policymakers of central and local governments; (3) act as a forum for cooperation with its research counterparts both at home and abroad through holding conferences and workshops, conducting joint projects, and providing exchange programs designed to promote mutual understanding; and (4) foster increased awareness in government, the media, and the public about key issues and trends of thinking in the world today.

Annual Budget: USD 1 million (2004)

Staff: 76 (64 research, 12 administrative/support), 3 visiting, 15 intern

Executive Officers:
Prof. YU, Xintian (President)
Prof. WANG, Xiaoshu (Vice President)
Prof. YANG, Jiemian (Vice President)
Dr. ZHAO, Nianyu (Director of Office of Research Management & International Exchanges of SIIS)
Dr. FU, Qimin (Deputy Director of Office of Research Management & International Exchanges of SIIS)

(As of November, 2004)

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