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Inter-American Dialogue (IAD) 2002f
1211 Connecticut Avenue NW-Suite 510 Washington, DC 20036, United States
tel:1-202 822 9002 fax:1-202 822 9553

Organizational Status: Independent NGO, founded in 1982.

General Description: IAD was founded as an ad-hoc conference under the auspices of the Aspen Institute, with the goal of bringing together leading citizens to set a new inter-American agenda, in response to the breakdown in inter-American communications and to the inaccessibility of US leaders to democratically oriented Latin Americans. It became a fully independent institution in 1993, having expanded and diversified its activities to include-beyond plenaries and policy reports - smaller conferences, working groups, congressional seminars, forums for visiting Latin Americans, and individually authored articles and policy memoranda. In 1996, IAD embarked on a new phase with the launch of the Sol M. Linowitz Forum. Its goals were to become more inter-American, to ensure effective communication with leaders across a broad spectrum of activities, and to further strengthen its committed and diverse membership. IAD research is focused in four areas: democratic governance, multilateral governance, trade and economics, and social policy. The program on democratic governance is concerned with advancing democratic institutions and practice, and promoting human rights and the rule of law. Through its task force on multilateral governance, IAD explores ways to strengthen inter-American organizations and arrangements to better manage integration in the hemisphere. Work concerning trade and economics emphasizes the management of strategic economic issues in inter-American relations, particularly with regard to the creation of a hemispheric free trade system and improvement of economic performance. Social policy work focuses on how nations can reinvigorate public institutions and services and accelerate progress in the region; its centerpiece is the Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas (PREAL).

Annual Budget:

(As of December, 2002)

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