NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks

"NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks" is indispensable. It provides in one location a comprehensive picture of the world's leading research institutes. Its profiles are an invaluable resource for policy makers, the private sector, foundations, academics and all other users of the output from these centers. I heartily endorse this fifth edition and recommend it strongly to all those with an interest in the topic."

- C. Fred Bergsten, Director, Institute for International Economics (IIE), USA

"The pattern of power and influence in today's world is complex, with many kinds of non-state actors operating alongside traditional nations and institutions. Think tanks can inform, advise and support governments: but they also influence and mobilize opinion in other spheres such as the business world, the media and the general population. To be effective, however - just like anyone else - think tanks have to network, cooperate and seek synergy with one another. NIRA's Directory helps them do this, just as it helps build optimal relations between all think tanks and the outside world."

- Alyson J.K. Bailes, Director, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Sweden

"I wholeheartedly welcome the publication of the new edition of NIRA' World Directory of Think Tanks, a volume which provides a comprehensive overview of the activities and changing affiliations of major think tanks around the world. As the world grows increasingly interdependent, networking has come to be of pivotal importance in every sphere of our society. This volume will undoubtedly enhance efficient and constructive collaborations among knowledge-based organizations and help them pursue mutual complementarity in playing a key role in the dynamic process of public policymaking worldwide. I am certain that foreign policy experts will benefit from the volume as we try to deepen our thoughts and make recommendations for international peace and security. "

- Inoguchi, Kumiko, Professor of Political Science, Sophia University, Japan
Former Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Japan to Conference on Disarmament in Geneva

"Public policy research organizations - or "think tanks" as they are popularly known? play an important role in examining current and future challenges and offering options for meeting them. There are many kinds of think tanks, some with a broad scope, and others that focus on a few issues. Some provide independent, non-partisan research, like the Brookings Institution, while others assume an advocacy role. In any case, think tanks inform the debate over public policy issues for the policy makers, the public, and the media. I'm pleased to see that Japan and other countries are discovering the value of such institutions. The NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks is a useful tool in following the growth of public policy research organizations."

-- Armacost, Michael H., President, The Brookings Institution, USA

"In the interdependent world of the 21st century, direct communication between societies in the form of economic exchange, investment, mobility of people, transfer of ideas and knowledge have become as important as classical state-to-state governmental relations. If a minimum of global governance is to be achieved, societies have to communicate directly on ways and means to reconcile openness with control and stability. Think Tanks will play an increasingly crucial role in contributing to this process by providing ideas and by contributing to a global network of knowledge transfer. The NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks provides an indispensable help to access the new resources."

-- Kaiser, Karl, Otto-Wolff-Director of the Research Institute of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), Berlin

"Think tanks should not restrict their activities to objective scientific research, seeing themselves primarily as advocates for specific policy solutions or for their own economic and political views. It is desirable for sizable think tanks to slim down their organizations and make them more flexible if they are to respond more swiftly to changing themes. In the long run, Asian think tanks should reduce their greater dependence on the government financially and in terms of personnel to establish their research autonomy."

-- Lee, Kyung Tae, President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, South Korea

"The world definitely has entered a substantial transition, shifting to a new civilized society. Industrial society, which supplied numerous manufactured goods through standardized mass production, has come to an end. People have realized the limits of resources and the earth's environment. Alternatively, a "knowledge-value society" is emerging. Value is a consequence of information and knowledge created by human-kind, and will be an origin of economic growth and business profits in such a society. Knowledge is a substance and resource of intelligence. Policy research institutes, which accumulate knowledge-power and disseminate information, will be core players in the knowledge-value society. The role of NIRA is essential in Japan and in the global policy community."

-- Sakaiya, Taichi, special advisor to the Prime Minister, and former Director General of the Economic Planning Agency, Japan

"This new edition of NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks expands upon work that began nearly a decade ago. It is an important reference work providing detailed profiles of more than 300 institutions in 77 countries. NIRA's Directory is a chronicle of the proliferation of independent policy research institutions around the world and suggests how their roles vary from one political culture to another. One can find think tanks at work in mature democratic nations as well as emerging democracies, in post-industrial economies as well as developing market systems. This volume provides an important global perspective on policy expertise."

-- Smith, James Allen, an Adviser to the President of The J. Paul Getty Trust, USA

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NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks
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